Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Disproportionate Obsession

If there was one consistent theme among the enemies of Israel (i.e., Hezbollah, supporters of radical Islam, European socialists, and the United Nations) over the last couple of weeks, it is that Israel's response to Hezbollah's assault on its soldiers and civilians has been "disproportionate." Use of the term "disproportionate" is meant to conjure images of abuse and excess. One is supposed to get the impression, based on the mere use of the word, that Israel is somehow violating deeply rooted principles of civilization and humanity by (gasp!) defending its sovereignty, protecting its borders, and having zero tolerance for the murder of its citizens.

Please allow me to translate: whenever you hear someone say that Israel's response has been "disproportionate," what they are really saying is that Israel's use of force against Hezbollah has been quite effective -- so effective, in fact, that Hezbollah (through its proxies) has been pushed into the awkward position of having to publicly call for a ceasefire (during which Hezbollah would, of course, regroup, rearm, and renew its assault on Israel).

I just hope Israel has the courage of its convictions to ignore the calls of the absurd to stand down in this hour of approaching victory.


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