Friday, June 09, 2006

Nicholas Berg’s Decapitation

Last night, I was reading about the unfolding story of the bizarre comments made by Michael Berg, the father of Nicholas Berg. Nicholas Berg, you may recall, was an American citizen from West Chester, Pennsylvania, who went to Iraq in the wake of Operation Iraqi Freedom to work as a freelance telecommunications contractor. Nicholas Berg was subsequently abducted and beheaded by members of al Qaeda – and it is further believed that he was personally beheaded by the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It occurred to me that I had never watched the footage of the beheading of Nicholas Berg (Lord knows the media never would have shown it, lest Americans actually understand what we are up against), and so I went in search of it myself.

The footage was not hard to find, but it certainly was hard to watch. It was truly the most horrific and nauseating thing I have ever seen, without exception.

I am posting the footage of Nicholas Berg’s decapitation here for those who have the courage to see it for themselves. (The website contains its own glaring warnings, but I will include my own so that no one can say they were surprised: this video is extremely violent and graphic, and discretion is advised. For planning purposes, you should be aware that roughly the first two-thirds of the recording is Zarqawi speaking in Arabic.) I am not making this available to you for shock value. I am doing this for two very specific reasons. First, I want people to understand that the death of Zarqawi on Wednesday makes the world a better and safer place. Second, and more importantly, I want people to remember why we are fighting this War on Terror in the first place.


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