Friday, March 03, 2006


A man in Arapahoe County, Colorado, is becoming the latest victim of illegal immigration -- and all because he has the audacity to proclaim himself an English-speaking American.

CBS4 in Denver reports that Mike Gray, a heavy equipment operator employed by Arapahoe County, has been warned that he must remove a sign from his own personal vehicle, which he drives to work but also uses for his part-time lawn care business, which boasts about the benefits of his services: "Lawn Services Done With Pride!! By An English Speaking American." Says Gray:
"There are a lot of people in the lawn service that are non-English speaking. . . . Customers and different people were telling me that they have a hard time trying to communicate with them about the work they want done on their yards. I just want to let people know they at least can communicate with me when I do work on their property."
Apparently, boasting that you are an American citizen or that you speak English is somehow horribly offensive (although Lord only knows how people who can't read English would be offended by an English sign), but to do so at the same time is somehow a fireable offense. The article quotes language from the disciplinary letter sent to Gray for his "conduct":
"Some of your conduct ... is reprehensible and discriminatory to our non-English speaking and/or Hispanic workforce. You are in violation of ... guidelines which ensure a workplace free from harassment and sensitive to the diversity of employees." [Editor's note: Again, how do people who don't know English know what the sign says?]
I wish Mr. Gray the best. We may for the moment exist in a world where it is acceptable to an unfortunately large number of people to tolerate both illegal immigration and the refusal of many illegal immigrants to learn English, but that is no reason for people who still demand respect for law and language to allow themselves to be cowed.

Hat tip to Paul and The Corner.


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