Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Will that dog hunt again?

I submit to you ladies and gentlemen, that the most pressing issue of our day, one that threatens to cut the heart out of our very way of life, the fabric of everything that makes us Americans...you know, like tolerance, acceptance, equality, etc., will serve as the platform of your GOP in 2006, who will always fight to keep America strong. Next up, the terror level was raised to chartruse today when the administration announced that two brown men were seen getting on a plane headed to Los Angeles 8 months ago and one of them said, "man, I need to drop a bomb, that falaffel is killing me!". Seeing as this must be secret code alluding to the annihlation of our way of life, we thought it best to unnecessarily try scare the shit out of you in the hopes that you'll vote for us again. As for the two terrorists, oh, excuse me, brown men, rumor has it that that the two also may have recently attempted to receive gay nuptuals.


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