Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And the HUGE welfare stimulus package comes next, right?

I mean it's the only logical, and moreover proper, thing to do if other states follow South Dakota and decide to try and force mothers to have babies against their will and find support from SCOTUS, right? PS., if Ginny is determined not to let daddy and his shotgun find out she got knocked up, she's either on the next bus to New York, Toronto, or Minneapolis, or straight to a back-alley in Pierre, but I digress... I mean god-forbid we would make sure these young women, much less the men, received informed and proper sex education that didn't ignore reality (ps., young people, especially teenagers are gonna keep on f*ckin' no matter what pastor Tim says and probably in spite of it), despite the fact that it would come at a negligible fraction of the cost.

Everybody agrees on the problem. In fact, everybody, generally agrees that the solution at issue--abortion--is an awful thing that should be avoided. So why not find ways that we can all agree on to make the problem go away so that the need for the solution is all but marginalized (i.e., to when it is medically necessary).

NB* - And to be clear, we've had enough debates wherein we've called each other murderers and religious crackpots, so let's keep this one to legal/policy discussion and leave other crap out of it.


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