Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Teddy's Blunder

Confirm Them has noted that Senator Ted "Splash" Kennedy (D-Inebriation) engaged in a heated exchange with Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Penn.) over Kennedy's stage antics guised as a legitimate request for information. Details about the exchange, as well as a transcript of the exchange, can be found here.

Confirm Them commenter DHS, on a separate comment string, noted (I think correctly) why Teddy dropped the bottle, er, ball with this spat:
Whatever one’s opinion may be, Kennedy’s move was a huge tactical blunder.
Specter was probably the only republican on the committee that even entertained
the idea of voting against Alito and now he’ll never do it, if only to spite
Teddy. The dems [sic] could have tried to move Specter along, to
highlight Alito’s effusive praise for Bork, etc… Now, they’ve completely
alienated him and guaranteed his confirmation. Way to go, Teddy. I’m sure your
dem [sic] colleagues are proud of you.

Frankly, I thought Alito was going to be confirmed without issue anyway, but Teddy may have just (dare I even say it?) drowned the last and latest hope of his fellow leftists.


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