Friday, December 16, 2005

Muchas Gracias

The United States House of Representatives went and did something unusual today: it cast a responsible vote in favor of national security and sovereignty.

The House voted 260-159 in favor of commencement of construction of approximately 700 miles of fencing along the United States-Mexico border. This, frankly, is something that should have been done thirty years ago, but better late than never, I suppose.

While I applaud the House for finally getting it (or at least responding to the pressure of constituents who get it), two things prevent this from being a substantive step toward protecting our borders:

- The United States-Mexico border is substantially longer than 700 miles; and

- The United States Senate, and its decided lack of testicular fortitude, will no doubt kill this bill.

In time, we might actually have senators that favor national security. Until that day comes, I can only say to the House members who voted yea: muchas gracias.

P.S. Do you think Vicente Fox is angry that the House of Representatives has decided to interfere with his domestic economic agenda, which consists solely of sending his impoverished citizens into the United States illegally to earn money and send it to Mexico?


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