Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mexico's PR Push

Mexican President Vicente Fox apparently thinks he can change American minds about illegal immigration by hiring an American public relations consultant.

Fox's government rehired Rob Allyn, the lead consultant and managing partner of a public relations firm in his own name, to be the point man in dealing with what Fox and other Mexican officials perceive as America's rising tide of anti-immigration sentiment. Allyn, who was an active but clandestine consultant for Fox during his 2000 presidential election campaign, and also consulted for George W. Bush during his first run for Texas governor against then-Governor Ann Richards, has already been outspoken on the issue:
"Our focus is on public opinion, which influences policy outcomes in Congress,"
said Allyn, 46, who grew up in Huntington Beach and moved to Texas when he was
in high school. "There is a huge misperception among the U.S. public about
Mexico." . . . "We're not going to be their Washington lobbyists," he said, "but
I want to be honest about the point of influencing public opinion to help change
attitudes about Mexico, about immigration, about border security."

What Allyn appears to not appreciate, perhaps because of the dinero dancing before his eyes, is that Americans are not opposed to immigration in general, but are increasingly angry about the flagrancy and volume of illegal immigration in this country, as well as the Mexico government's hand in it. Americans, particularly those in border states, are acutely aware that the Mexican government is not only actively advocating for illegal immigration into the United States from its side of the border, but has portrayed illegal immigration into the United States as a component of its own comprehensive domestic economic policy. This is, and should be, unacceptable to all Americans.

I take comfort in the fact that Americans are finally getting it. After being alone in the wilderness for so many years, anti-illegal immigration voices are finally being heard as the influx of illegals swells beyond 11 million. As a general rule, when Mexican officials are angry at American politicians, that means we are doing something right.


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