Friday, December 02, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

Democrat histrionics are expected over any Republican nomination to the Supreme Court, but this latest round of mock-outrage on the part of Democrat senators is laughable.

Democrats' current whining, however, is most likely the reason that the Bush administration wanted December confirmation hearings for Samuel J. Alito. By allowing Alito to hang in the air for weeks, without a confirmation hearing and continued interaction with senators of both parties, Alito has been left vulnerable to liberal attacks and the continuous MSM echo of those attacks.

While I have no reason to believe Alito won't weather this storm and be confirmed (since, after all, he made it clear that he "would not [let his personal views on abortion] be a factor" in future decisions), I am annoyed with Senate Republicans for rolling over on this one and not working with the president to hold early hearings. Someone should tell this half-baked group of wannabe statesmen that cozying up to the likes of Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy makes them look weak, and is also a surefire way to increase the chances that the Republican Party loses its majority status in November 2006.


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