Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Would She Have Been Promoted For Having An Abortion?

In the words of Michelle McCusker, the 26-year-old preschool teacher who was fired last month from St. Rose of Lima in Queens for being unmarried and pregnant,

"I don't understand how a religion that prides itself on forgiving and on valuing life could terminate me because I'm pregnant and choosing to have this baby."

So, what was she fired for exactly? a) Having "unlucky" premarital sex; b) Having premarital sex, period; c) Not having the baby aborted; d) Not just pretending and wearing a wedding ring to work; or e) Not anticipating this absurdity?

Of course, those bra-burning anarchists at the ACLU having taken issue with so-called religous organizations attempt to preclude themselves from anti-discrimination laws that provide for basic (oh and I don't know, moral and humane) treatment, have taken up Ms. McCusker's cause, so we shall see.

So much for celebrating life.


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