Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Brush With Celebrity (?)

This may be a little off the beaten path from my usual post fodder, but yesterday, I encountered one of the New York legal community's true blowhards: Ron Kuby.

Kuby, a part-time New York radio talk show host who is also regarded by some (including himself, no doubt) as one of the premier civil rights attorneys in the country, appeared before a criminal court judge in Manhattan and did his typical grandstanding on behalf of a defendant who had some serious harassment issues. I will not divulge the details of the case, as they are not pertinent to this post (although I could if I wanted to, since the proceedings are public record), although I will make two brief comments about the impression Kuby left on me:

1) Apparently, the quickest way to boost your own reputation as a premier civil rights attorney in this town is to talk about yourself on the record as if it were going out of style (or as if you were paid per syllable).

2) Kuby's self-adoration was not reflected by his fellow associates of the defense bar, who watched in annoyed horror as he blathered on for close to 45 minutes -- about one case -- while they were waiting to have their (multiple) cases called.

In short, I was unimpressed. Being a great legal defense mind only requires that you be able to talk incessantly until you have driven the judge and/or the prosecutor insane, or, in the alternative, until you have annoyed the prosecutor to such an extent that he dismisses the charges just to get rid of you.

And it wasn't nearly as cool as the time Christian Slater was in court . . .


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