Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Big Bird to Join Heritage Foundation

From a new report issued by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Inspector General's Office:

"We found evidence that the From the a recent report issued by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CBP) former Chairman violated statutory provisions and the Director's Code of Ethics by dealing directly with one of the creators of new public affairs program during negotiations with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and the CPB over creating the show. Our review also found evidence that suggests "political tests" were major criteria used by the former Chairman in recruiting a President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for CBP, which violated statutory provisions against such practices."

Maybe the Dem's aren't any better...maybe, but between paying commentators to push the administration's dubious education policy, factoring out science as the lead criteria in FDA policy decisions and having CIA agents (whose intelligence, save for their then "slam-dunking" fearless leader, doesn't seem to have been that faulty afterall) resign like flies, the overt and, well frankly, illegal attempts to exert control over government agencies sounds a bit more Russian or Chinese than American.

Full Text of IG's report: http://www.cpb.org/oig/reports/602_cpb_ig_reportofreview.pdf


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