Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Second Chance

I am not the biggest fan of Patrick J. Buchanan, for a variety of reasons, but his article in today's Human Events Online perfectly encapsulates the situation regarding Harriet Miers and her withdrawal from the Supreme Court nomination process. Buchanan accurately lays out how the Miers nomination was rapidly becoming a point of contention among Republicans in Congress and elsewhere, and threatened to shred the party's majority status.

While I am not sad to see Miers wander off into the sunset (perhaps in search of the proportional representation language in the Equal Protection Clause), I do have renewed cheer with respect to the prospects for the vacancy. President Bush has a golden opportunity, one that none of his predecessors in recent history has had. When Nixon and Reagan had their Supreme Court nominations scuttled by Democrats, their ultimately confirmed choices turned out to be decisive duds (Justice Blackmun for Nixon, Justice Kennedy for Reagan), who opted to read their personal opinions about issues into the text of the Constitution. With Bush, he has gotten his dud out of the way first; he now has a chance to pick a star.

My humble suggestion? Janice Rogers Brown. She has a stellar legal resume, plenty of judicial experience at the state level, a proper understanding of the role of federal judges in the constitutional firmament, and an eloquent writing style that brings out the vibrancy of her legal mind. The fact that she will royally piss off every liberal from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, is only further proof that she is the right person for the job.

The folks over at ConfirmThem (who, by the way, deserve a big round of applause for contributing to the buildup of pressure against Miers' nomination) have been giving substantial play to the possibility/hope that former member of the U.S. House of Representatives Christopher Cox might be an ideal candidate for the job. (ConfirmThem's very own Quin does a spectacular job of laying out Cox's impeccable credentials here in a piece for National Review Online.)

I could write for hours about the deep pool of conservative talent from which the president may draw. I am sure he has those very names in front of him right now. I would simply urge him to take full advantage of this second chance:

Don't waste this pick, Mr. President. You almost did. Now is the time to redeem yourself.


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