Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Political Spectrum, Version 2.0

Loyal fans and readers, you probably could not help but notice the new look. We here at The Political Spectrum have decided to have a friendly competition of sorts among contributors, and we hope it will work out for the best.

To commemorate our one-year anniversary, you will see a couple of different designs presented in the course of the next two weeks, each chosen and set up by a different TPS contributor. On November 10, the day this weblog started one year ago, there will be a post asking readers to vote or comment on which format they liked the best. Please take that opportunity (and any opportunity up until that point) to let us know which one you like. Since we are a benevolent dictatorship, we will make the final decision about the new look, but we value your input tremendously. Indeed, we would be nowhere without you.

Also, an apology coupled with a suggestion: in bringing about this latest format change, I wiped out all of the comments. My bad. While I encourage you all to respond to the posts you will see in the coming two weeks, keep in mind that they will likely not survive the next few format changes. (Translation: write short comments, they won't last very long.)

Good luck, and may the best design win.


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