Thursday, December 02, 2004

Koffi's Oil for Fraud Progam (cont'd)

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Paul wrote:

"Speaking of friends of the President, how are the McDougals these days?Whoops, wrong President. " paul Email 12.02.04 - 8:38 pm #

Yes, I see how a low value real estate deal (<$200K) for which your witch-hunting partisan hack K Starr couldn't find the Clintons even slightly culpable (in what was the worst, most partisan waste of government $ and resources in our lifetimes) even remotely compares to the defrauding of millions of hardworking Americans by the sitting presidents golf buddy, whose company was also part of this "top secret" energy task force set up by the VP at the SAME time, even remotely compares...weren't we talking about the UN?


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