Thursday, December 02, 2004


How rarely we get to see such a prime example of a fundamentally ignorant policy and one of its direct effects displayed so bluntly:

Granted, these stellar efforts don't hold a candle to the sheer brilliance of the administration's so-called AIDS initiatives in Africa, where any organizations that so much as mentions birth control (including the use of condoms which are 99% effective against the spread of the disease that's killing off tens of millions) as opposed to solely abstinence, are de-funded, thereby making the billions of dollars thrown at the crisis essentially worthless. This isn't something "debatable" like evolution, or "of questionable benefit" like stem-cell research; but why let science get in the way of fire and brimstone? Of course there's always the argument that all those fornicating little heathens deserve to die, but I'd like to think we're slightly more progressive that that...even in Red America.


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